This is the year that I have really thought about stepping my photography up a gear, setting myself new challenges and really understanding my camera. I am self-taught I shoot completely manual, but I still don’t know all the technical terminology, I instinctively go by what is in front of me and adjust the light needs accordingly. I am going to take on a 365 photo challenge, which is not just about taking a picture every day but giving it a theme, an ideal, and really test my creativity to  sum up that theme in an image. At the end, I am hoping not just to have a bank of work but a new discipline in managing my time, and pride in seeing something through, as it such a big commitment.

Adorngirl 365 day photo challenge

Want to join in? Would love to see your interpretation of the different themes, and every month I will be posting a new list, which I would have curated from selection of Pinterest ideas. Follow hashtag  #Adorngirl365 on twitter  to see my progress, and use the hastag to post what you have created, Wish me luck!

1. Time

2.Natural Light

3. Bokeh


5. Shadows

6. Clouds

7. Black & white

8. Over exposed

9. Negatives

10. Vintage


11. Morning

12. Long exposure

13. Texture

14. Blue

15. Landscape

16. Portrait

17. Photographers Choice

18. Sweet

19. Landscape

20. Self portrait

21. Technology

22. White

23. Art

24. Pastels

25. Night

26. Food

27. Sheer

28. Close up

29. Shoes

30. Sparkle