Hygge, Kinfolk and slow living are the current lifestyle trends that we arguably all want to embrace in some way. I am not about to pack it all in and live in a yurt, with a daisy headband, or anything; but who wouldn’t want a more stress free-life? with less…..stuff.  The last year and a half has been a lot of changes for me, and funnily enough decluttering was a productive way that I managed to get through it all.  As I packed up my exe’s stuff ( too lazy to do it himself) with every kick, of every box. I felt better.

I felt smug and happy that each time he would pick up his crap, there was a noticeable difference to how the place looked.  My home was visibly cleaner, the desk was clear, the decor was really coming together. It was a blatant visual reminder to both of us, that I was better off without him. Like literally better off,  the lick of fresh paint, new rugs and some other great pieces was basically my Adorngirl version of a F#$%ck you, as this is what my life would look like now, without his stuff and negative energy.

how to declutter your home

Once his stuff was gone, I really started to look at my own and the kids. How did we manage to accumulate so much? So that I didn’t have to think, the next few months were a blur of decluttering things we really didn’t need.  Our place is small, and we had made it smaller by stuff that we really should have donated, or thrown away a long time ago.  Even now there is still more to do, and my room is the last to tackle.  Here are 4 simple ways to take the stress out of decluttering your home.

  • Do the clear out first, before you buy the cabinets, draws and Ikea bookcases. Hun, you are trying to get rid of stuff, not add to the pile. Sell what you can on eBay, and use that money to treat yourself to some stylish storage on Wayfair, and Amazon, when you know exactly what needs to be stored.


  • Do it room by room, area by area. The first weekend I was on fire, but it is was too much. It is better to spend a few hours a day, on one area at a time. Empty those drawers in the kitchen, go through the kids toy boxes, sort through that bookcase.


  • Do you love it?  As a self-confessed hoarder every single item holds a memory.  That lone earring with no backing is a token of when I worked at H&M. A time before my kids, when all my income went on buying clothes and jewellery. Good times. That is probably how you got into the mess in the first place.  It is time to separate the things you want, and what you actually need. Each item, needs to either be thrown away, donated, or kept to be organised. Look properly at the want pile again, do you neeed it? Only if you truly truly love it, the rules don’t apply.  Everything in your immediate surroundings are supposed to make you happy ( including people).


  • The sh*t that isn’t staying needs to be left outside. Don’t be weighed down by black bags and boxes, throw it straight out, and if some are for donations, get straight to the charity shop.

FYI, no way in hell I am getting rid of this Abigail Ahern lamp, and pieces, the stuff I didn’t want is long gone.