I thought I would take just a little milli break from my Christmas coverage to just catch a breath, and chill.  Don’t worry I am not going to start rifling on about how hard my life is, because life is hard for everyone.  No two problems compare and it’s important to take stock of what you are thankful for to keep just a little of your sanity. This post is for me. Running this blog, holding down photography commissions and managing four kids is a lot. This blog has become my virtual pen and paper and I intend to revisit for when I need to.

mini boden winter dress

  • My kids. These little balls of sunshine are the twins and just half of my actual brood. They are cheeky and silly and sensitive.  They love nothing more than dressing up and completely have their own individual style. Thing 1 is the bossy, tough, independent one, and loves to twirl in her Boden sparkly knitted skater dress.  Thing 2, is the cutie who loves hugs, and kisses, and the Boden  snowman light knit dress is just what she needs.  They make me laugh, they get me frustrated but I couldn’t be me, without them.
  • This blog. I have so much opportunities because of this space.  I have travelled, worked with some incredible brands and have carved out a career, when I thought I couldn’t be more than just a stay at home mum.
  • I have a roof over my head.  Something never to be taken for granted, every day I work towards making our home the best it can be. It’s messy, but its ours.


mini boden

  • My health. I use the term health lightly.  I don’t have anything life threatening, but I can walk up 6 flights of stairs without huffing and puffing. I am working on taking more care of myself.
  • My Family and friends.  My family and close friends have been my rock always but this past year they have really stepped it up, and I know that I am never alone.

mini boden

Sorry I am not sorry for getting a little sappy but even though even I roll my eyes when people harp on about positivity. It really is the best frame of mind to strive to in the pursuit of happiness. God I just rolled my eyes at myself when typing this….Wait is it too late to say I am thankful for my bags!