That thing when a brand promises x amount of battery phone life, when it is realistically more like half that. I am constantly checking and replying to emails, and updating my social media, so of course my battery life will drain quicker. Luckily I have the Huawei Ascend G7 which is designed to best optimise battery life and will last me most of the day, when I follow a prompt, and enable power saving modes. Here are some simple tips to stretch that battery life for as long as possible.

Turn the screen brightness down

Screen brightness is arguably the biggest battery drainer so turn it down to a level you can take or use the option that automatically adjusts the brightness.

Close apps down properly

You would be surprised at how many apps are running in the background whether on purpose or you not closing them properly. Swipe each one away that you are not using, as this multitasking function is chipping away at the phones energy.


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Turn off vibrations

Keep this function for silent mode, when you don’t want your phone off but need not to be disruptive in a meeting and so forth. Although I tend to leave it on because it helps to find it when I have misplaced it around the house and for some reason my phone is on silent. Vibrate apparently takes up more energy than the actual ringtone, so just disable.


Turn off app notifications

Of course we need to be kept up to date when there is a new message, or missed call but sometimes its those random Facebook ones alerting you of a birthday to someone you haven’t even talked to in years. Turn off the unnecessary alerts because it is a constant battery drainer for the screen to flash, LED to blink and so on. The same goes for your email, enable email settings to update every fifteen minutes.


Have the Huawei? enable ultra saving mode

Power saving at its best, it goes to standby only allowing phone calls to come through. At its hard core this setting will allow for up to 2-3 days of battery life with minimal use. Even if you don’t have an Huawei utilise the power saving mode on your android phone, most have battery saving tools and measures to show you exactly where, that battery energy is being spent.


If all else fails invest in a portable charger, there are plenty of designs and models, and right now I am trying out the Monster offering so will let you know how it goes.