Digital influencer, creative direction, and content creator are job titles I am seeing more and more rather than ‘Blogger.’ It is essentially our job to create stories and point of interest from the mundane for our followers. I honed in to the concept of flatlays when I interviewed amazing instagrammer Walids, as flatlays are a paradox of a simple and innovative tool, to convey  a narrative. Talented Artist and Photographer behind 5ftinf, mixes flatlays and tableaux that evoke a sense of serenity and invite you right in to the frame. Her instagram account is so beautiful and something  I look to for inspiration. Here is a short  interview her  about her creative process.

 Your visuals are very distinct, how did you go about perfecting your style?

My style was a bit of an accident really.  Looking back at very early images on my instagram feed I can see how I was playing around with lots of things to begin with including objects on their own  textures, patterns, and colours ( although the colours were really bleached out in the early days as I always used the brownish Early bird filter). Most of my images were of domestic things on the table with flowers in the corner, the first flatlay with flowers arranged out of a vase wasn’t until 2014, and it then just seemed that I was given a new palette to play with.

What is a flatlay to you?

A flatlay to me should have more than objects and flowers beautifully placed. It should have a flow, and some sort of essence of thought and feeling, rather like a Japanese haiku or an abstract painting.

What are your tips for curating a picture specific to instagram, compared to your blog photography?

My blog photography is just more of the background to what’s going on and often how a flatlay has come about. I could dissect the curation of my Instagram images, but to be honest I’m trying to break free from that at the moment.  I have got into a place where careful curation has led to feeling creatively a bit trapped ( hence a hashtag I’m currently using for more unusual images in my feed which is #creatively_unboxed ). The flatlay and table photos came out of a sense of what I was doing in life; something very honest. I personally feel that is the best way to curate an Instagram image. Make sure it has some real meaning or relevance in your life, rather than something purely beautiful just to get likes and engagement. Steller is my favourite app outside of instagram as it gives me opportunity to show more of my process.

What are other Instagram accounts you admire?

I like a whole variety of Instagram accounts for various reasons but some of my favourites at the moment are: @kbasta, @famapa, @sandrajuto, @idalaerke, @thedancingwind