To all the fans of a beautiful mess by Elsie and Emma you already knew all about their fabulous app.  When it was released it wasn’t available for Android, and when I upgraded to the Nokia Lumia 1020 with the Loop (as much as it is great, the operating system is not compatible with a lot of apps on the market) I thought the wait would be even longer.  Late night reading and scrolling through the blog, I come across the post A beautiful mess app on windows phone! I didn’t waste any time downloading it from the windows store (79p)

The beauty of the app is that it completely captures the pretty aesthetic of a beautiful mess blog in a quick and simple way, what actually takes time is trying to decide which custom border or doodle to add.  To start there is an option to collage and an individual picture, as my Nokia is synchronised to my SkyDrive, I delved he archives for my backstage shot with AOFM for Jeffrey Michael. There are three orientations of crop and you can preview each crop before you decide. The filters are not as extensive as instagram in fact although different names they are not dissimilar to each other; of the six available half are black and white. Spotlight, Poppy and dreamland are a dreamy soft filter but only slightly varying in lightness. Each filter does give a romantic almost glossy retouching to the picture.

The fun part are the borders, doodles, and pre-set phrases from ooh la la! to hello!.  There is an option to create your own text in a combination of bold, italic and handwritten font. The doodles range from love hearts, arrows to bicycles and once you have your chosen doodle you can customise with a different colour from the colour line, and chose the opacity. Once all done the image is saved to the phones library and you can get to sharing. When I first used the app I had to download 6tag to be able to share to instagram (the sharing functions to twitter, Facebook and email is straightforward) and I am so glad I did, although more basic in appearance to instagram beta for windows, 6tag allows for instagram video, simpler regram and  tile  collages.

Overall very happy with purchase, I think what makes Emma and Elsie so successful is their generosity in sharing their insider knowledge, if it was me I wouldn’t let you guys know all my secrets.  The price was a steal and will make my images just that bit more striking.