A new year means the perfect time to mix it up. I am a devout squinter, the non scientific term for scrunching up my whole face when trying to read small print. For the longest time I essentially put vanity above the need to see. As a photographer my sight is imperative, and there is nothing worse than having a great shoot and discovering way too many blurry shots when imported on to my desktop. The lenses I have are for reading and looking at the computer, so Blogging full-time means I am using them more and more. The very first reading glasses I owned was at secondary school, and I looked like the black version of Deirdre from Coronation Street (not the hair). They were brown with a tortoise shell print and I loved them, until I didn’t.

reading glasses

Now I am older, my reading glasses are basic black wire frames that are not at all sexy, but I wear them, because I need them.  Contact lenses are something I was considering more and more  because as much as I try, there are no frames I like on my face. I really have tried many styles. The reason why I have been dithering so long is the idea of touching my eye grosses me out, but overriding this fear is the desire to have excellent vision and give up frames I hate, meaning I am finally making the leap into contact lenses. I am collaborating with Vision Direct the UK online contact lens retailer that stock major lens brands such a Acuvue, Purevision and Biomedics extended wear, toric and multifocal lenses at prices up to 45% lower than the high street.

“Since being founded by opticians in 1998, it has focused on providing affordable prices on high quality lenses from the world’s leading brands.”


The only person I know that wears contacts is my younger sister, but she simply wears them to have pretty grey eyes, or blue or light brown whatever takes her fancy. Disposable day lenses is as common in her beauty routine as applying lipstick. I asked her where I should start, and her answer was so vague and random, I am not even going to write it here, because it definitely didn’t sound right.

The things you have to definitely consider before getting contact lenses? Not all contact lenses are the same. There are varying types, vision and fit, and require a prescription.  That is why it is so important to book an appointment with an Optician. The Optometrist is qualified to answer all your questions, and make sure you have the ideal lens. Not all prescriptions are equal because your glasses prescription is different to your contact lens prescription, which have their own requirements. Apparently age has no bearing, on contact lenses, the importance lies with your eye health, and again this will be diagnosed by the optometrist. Once you have had your check up, and prescribed the perfect lens which cover base curve, lens strength  and other attributes, check out the affordable selection available from Vision Direct.