The need to create is what drives me everyday. Every post needs to be visually different, because I need to be excited by what I am doing. At the times I am uninspired, I often don’t take pictures because it feels like I am forcing it, and those pictures really don’t come out well.  I have been thinking about a concept of the adorned table for a while now, and was umming and ahhing about where to start.  The concept will be a range of still life and themed shoots….. just because.

adorngirl photography

I am a self taught Photographer so, I am still learning. The Adorned table will satisfy my interiors lust, contribute to the living photography portfolio that is Adorngirl, and also be  personal lessons in what works for me and what doesn’t. I was very much inspired by Old Fashioned Susie interiors post about decorating a Halloween table with flowers. Halloween is the time to celebrate the weird and the wonderful, and I had a vision of utilising my dried flowers as a centre piece taking the place of a lit candle. I am sure there is a way to add flames after, but I wanted there to be an authenticity. There is still a prettiness to the macabre scene.

adorngirl halloween

gothic table settings

Abigail Ahern Ramshead Bust// Skull glass//H&M gold vase// Striped tray: charity shop//