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Happy New year! 2012 and at the start of the new year there is already the anticipation of new opportunities around every corner, and what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t have a 2011 recap? so here is a round-up of what wasn’t a bad year after all. I was enthralled by the Liberty window display, I went to bed at Showstudio, got frustrated at both fashion weeks ( lots of oversubscribed shows) attended countless press days, took a four-month break (much needed) and got involved in the first ever online fashion week in association with Vogue, what a year but you don’t realise how much you’ve actually done,  until it’s time to compose these kind of posts.  The blog is called Adorngirl becasue of my love for jewellery, and this year only made my obsession worse with the georgeous lines of Mawi, and Lisvosky among a few, so enjoy the pictures through my journey of events, as much as I have enjoyed taking them.

© 2011 Adorngirl Lisovsky Jewellery by Alina Jessipovich


© 2011 Adorngirl Marin Daley Hawkins


© 2011 Adorngirl Jeremy Kost, Boudoir 2010


© 2011 Adorngirl Meadham Kirchoff

© Adorngirl Kirsty Ward

©Adorngirl Gogo Philip

© Adorngirl Zoe & Jordan

©Adorngirl Mark Fast