I am not going to pretend that Tea is something I do very often, lets just say I don’t do it all, so in step the world of blogging to  introduce me to yet another new thing.  You’re probably thinking Tea isn’t really that big of a deal but Christine from Minding Manners who spoke about the etiquette of tea at the Millennium Knightsbridge event will tell you differently.  Inside The Tangerine café bar a platter of three mini scrummy courses were brought out on a tiered stand,  the bottom rung sandwiches, the middle desserts and the top a selection of scones.  Did you know that you have to eat the sandwiches first? I got a lot of weird looks when I automatically reached for the chocolate cup filled with chocolate mousse and strawberries. Ironically I only put it on my plate to take a picture, and it didn’t even make the cut to be included in the post.


You also can’t move on to the scones until everyone at the table has eaten? this little fact had me giving Lucy lots of desperate death stares as she delicately nibbled from her plate. I was bloody hungry and really wanted to try the scones with chocolate. Also you are not supposed to cut a scone  with a knife, as it is classed as bread so you are meant to break it apart? by this point I was in stitches with giggles as Danielle beforehand with confidence assured me to cut a scone open with a knife and spread with jam and so forth so when we were fed this little tidbit we were already putting our knives down after the crime biting into the butchered bread.  The desserts were the star of the show all you need to know was there was a lot of chocolate ( yes be jealous)  Thank you Millennium Knightsbridge Hotel for the invitation the girl from the land  far far away otherwise known as Peckham was made to feel very welcome.  Thank you to Lucy, Nathalie, Danielle, Kate, Faye for the laughs we were like so (Clueless Cher drawl)  the best table.