Technology is such a cornerstone of all our everyday lives.  True first world problems all stem from maintaining battery life, to being able to connect to the internet or whether our phone as enough space to download the latest 👜💄📚🍝🍸📷 ( btw seriously why are there no emoijs for a cup of tea?). The original Microsoft Surface hybrid of a laptop and tablet was derived to fulfil our ever growing need of consuming and working on the go. Let’s face it we still want more, and with the new release of the Surface Pro 4 they are endeavouring to give it to us.

Rudimental at Koko club Camden

Koko Camden

On Wednesday night I braved the crisp cold to Camden to enjoy of a night of music. At the Koko Club in Camden Microsoft collaborated with award-winning UK act Rudimental, acclaimed composer David Hearn and Bristol-based street artist Will Barras to showcase an element of the Surface Pro 4 capabilities. The partnership included re-imagining three of the Hackney-based drum ’n’ bass crew’s iconic singles from ‘We The Generation’ and ‘Home’.

Supported beautifully  by a 63-piece orchestra, remixed tracks Waiting All Night, Lay It All On Me and Bloodstream, were exclusively developed using Surface Pro 4 and music writing app, Staffpad. The performance was further bought to life accompanied by the living mural that played as a backdrop throughout the set, created on the Surface Pro 4 by Will Barras using the new Surface Pen. It was an amazing performance and the crowd obviously thought the same as we were easily clapping and cheering for 2 straight minutes after the last note. What a night.
will barras artwork for microsoft pro 4Rudimental at Koko club Camden

Rudimental at Koko club Camden Rudimental at Koko club Camdenwill barras artwork for microsoft surface pro 4Koko CamdenKoko Camden

All photographs were taken by me on the Canon 650d with a F1.8 lens, and will hopefully get a chance to review the Surface Pro 4 for myself.