its Ashish people. the catwalk where you can actually hear gasps, and squeals of delight from the audience when each look steps out on to the catwalk. Paloma Faith was FROW and donned a sequinned floor length gown in honour of the designer,  I already posted about the awesome hair, and FYI Chloe Norgaard the green haired beauty already had her hair that way before the show. I left the show with the biggest grin, fashion is supposed to be fun, and only Ashish could make a supermarket plastic bag look so cool.  Lets start with the Ashish checklist. Yes there was the sequins, yes there was a the culture clash, this time  90’s ripped denim, statement Persian inspired  jewellery by Pebble London, and noughties consumption with the coca cola logo; although there was a surprise addition with menswear opening the line up.  See the Full catwalk video, and relive the collection for yourself, I won’t spoil the ending for you.