Weekend Reading: Asian Street Fashion

There is, and arguably always will be some fascination with street style, and the medium of photography to capture it. I indulge in my street style voyeurism with street style blogs like Le 21 and  books such as the Satorialist Closer. What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Asian street fashion? Perhaps it’s Tokyo’s wacky concoctions, or the mesh mash of styles championed by emerging London Designer supporter Susie Bubble, combined with an ease that belies their complexity. I completely buy into and love the whimsy and straight up confidence of the Harajuku style found in another publication Japanese street style, which is of course the extreme.

Asian street fashion by James Bent

Asian Street Fashion focuses on Photographer James Bent effectively breaking away from clichés or preconceptions of what Asia should or might be and instead looks at how fashion is interpreted on the streets of prominent Asian cities.

James Bent has spent the past few years travelling around Asia capturing Bangkok’s seemingly effortless blend of vintage and modern style to Seoul’s layered, sleek chic with an asserting eye to detail.  James Bent maintains a straight on viewpoint, there is a lack of stolen moments as each subject comfortably poses for the camera. There is a lack of the unexpected which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the Photographer knows what he wants to portray and has the compliant permission of each portrayal of Asian street style. This is a great resource for twists on everyday style inspiration, and a welcome addition to the Adorngirl bookcase.