In the midst of crisp autumn, you can’t help but slow down a little. I find myself stopping during my endeavours to catch slices of autumn light beaming though the amber leaves on trees, in splinters on to the ground. Autumn for me, is the season of renewal. It is a chance to appreciate colour before we feel the need to want to hibernate for winter. I am collaborating with Starbucks and showcasing just a few of my favourite autumnal pursuits.

Starbucks chilled classics Caffe Americano with milk


My secret best thing I love about coffee is when it’s cold. My guilty pleasure is enjoying  Starbucks Caffé Latte or  Chocolate Mocha from the Starbucks #ChilledClassics range on the go; before I attend a meeting in town, or a leisurely walk with the kids in the park. Starbucks have added Caffé Americano with milk to their chilled classics arsenal, so I get to have a little more choice. The delicious coffee with a twist  is just what I need to start the day. I just wish the cup was even bigger!

light through autumn leaves

leaves on the grass

Pumpkin Treats

This inimitable autumn symbol, is prefect for classic pumpkin pies, smoothies and shakes.  If you are feeling  creative, paint baby pumpkins in your favourite colour  and add intricate calligraphy.

baby pumpkins

Family Picnic

A perfect opportunity to pack a Caffé Americano for me and sandwiches and snacks for the kids. Right after we enjoy our food on the picnic blanket, we jump into piles of leaves, play hide and seek and I try to keep up with them as they ride their scooters.

I Heart London

London is such a hub and there is plenty to do. I am lucky enough to live in South East and catch the sunset on Franks Cafe rooftop

Starbucks Caffe Americano with milk

What are some your favourite autumnal pursuits?


*All pictures were taken by me. This post was in collaboration with Starbucks