London is such a hub of energy and opportunity. Although I don’t really go to events as much as I would like to due to photography and family commitments, it feels good to get out to do something fun in the city.  Last month Yardley London hosted a Quill London calligraphy workshop as a cool event to introduce their latest perfumes Hermina and 1770. Hermina is a feminine floral woody fragrance inspired and named after the wife of William Cleaver – heir to the finest soap and perfumery establishment in London at that time.  Perfumer Nelly Hachem-Ruiz, was entrusted with paying homage and bringing a modern touch to Yardley London’s history.

“Learning about Hermina Yardley inspired me to create an intense, yet highly feminine scent reflecting the strength, elegance and independent character of Yardley London’s ‘First Lady’. The indulgent notes of green fig and the delicate floral notes of peach flower, myrtle and heliotrope combined with textured cologne notes have resulted in an alluring and sophisticated fragrance.”

 Hermina is a blend of pear, lemon and bergamot with basil in the top notes. At the heart is fig, peach flower, black pepper and heliotrope, complemented by a warm woody and spicy amber base  The Eau de Toilette is surprisingly affordable, in keeping with their signature fresh scents. Small and perfectly formed the lilac liquid is presented in a solid cubic bottle with a  chrome block lid. I had more of affinity to 1770, but Hermina is pretty and elegant.

Yardley London Hermina pefume review

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