Microsoft have invited me to be part of the Loop, an exclusive hub of industry insiders to use the latest Microsoft gadgets including the Surface 2, and Nokia Lumia 1020, and report back to how they make a difference to my life. Rather than just one summative post look out for actual case studios, of some ways to get the best out of these coveted gadgets.   The Surface 2 is a laptop/tablet hybrid which is lightweight, and small enough to fit in my Accessorize oversized clutch, but has a big heart including Microsoft Office 2013.  The two devices are connected through sky drive, all the pictures I have taken so far with The Nokia Lumia 1020, are already available on the Surface. With a 41 megapixel camera, the next few days I will be putting it to the test with some street style snaps at London Collection: Mens, and blogging within the chilled confines of The Apartment.

I can’t live without some music when I am on the go, ( and even though it messes up my hair sometimes) my Molami twine headphones is still my pride of joy. The Sony Nex 3NL is my secondary camera, for when I just need something lightweight, and space-saving but will still do the job ( my Canon 650d will always be number 1, well until I can afford a Canon 5D Mark III), The surface does have a great organiser app, but sometimes you can’t beat a Parker Pen, and a Filofax, and I keep them together in my Klear Klutch. My Wacom Bamboo pen graphic tablet is something I invested in months ago, and started to experiment with, but I naughtily let it slide to the wayside, but in light of my resolutions, I have dusted it off, and given it pride of place on my desk and I am suing with gusto, full review soon.

Is there a particular feature you would like to know?