It is 2017 just in case you haven’t heard, don’t worry we have passed that threshold where it’s fine to stop wishing me a happy new year. Today I had the best intentions to answer emails, take pictures for social and give the place a good clean.  The whole day was spent taking two pictures. Two. Both of which were just for Instagram of which 90% of my humble following won’t even see, or even bother to like.  After I was putting away the camera, lights and catching my fingers in the tripod legs, (every time) to make the school run on time. It really made me think about how much time blogging actually takes.  I know how hard it is because I have been doing it for six and half years, whilst being a full time mum, with a crappy partner ( don’t worry divorced now, yay!). It’s hard, but I love it because it has given me the creative freedom to carve out my own career, but sometimes. *insert relevant face slap gif here.

Blogging 101

What I really want is 2017 to be the year that the blogging misconceptions stop. It is our job to make the life of a Blogger look fabulous. I think we did too good a job because sometimes people don’t realise how much work actually goes on behind the scenes. We may be on the phone but we are not faffing around, its work. It is not just promotion, it’s about building a network within the community, and that is an important part of the job. Blogging is a culmination of research, sourcing samples/props, shooting and editing even before the blog post even happens.

how to decorate a table

Blogging is not a flurry of designer freebies, eating for free and generally blagging our way into the fashion  industry.  Whether as a hobby, or professional level, blogging is damn hard work in a saturated market across so many genres, but yet we are still lumped in to one stereotype of those random peacockers at fashion week.  There are style bloggers, book bloggers, beauty, lifestyle, heck I saw one dedicated to just stationery.  So let’s stop with the ‘oh bloggers love marble.’ We don’t all own marble. Mine is sticky back plastic thanks, I make it work.

Please no more blogger kits that includes a selfie stick and  a half-assed light,  I love you Jessops, but when the representative at the press brunch ( no food FYI)  said yeah all bloggers take their pictures with their phone, It took all my strength not to go all Jamaican and kiss my teeth and roll my eyes. All Bloggers are not the same. I am guilty of this too but sometimes when we do the roundup of a ‘typical blogger day’ we cram in what is probably a weeks worth of meeting, opportunities and brand collaborations into one day like yes I am like so busy, I have so many meetings, and yes I have that fabulous party, are you going? I don’t know about you but yes some days are like that, but most aren’t.

It is more organising what you have to do, what you haven’t done and l looking at the growing pile of boxes from delivered samples that really need to go down to the recycling, that I let the kids use as a fort. The only thing that isn’t hyped is the amount of emails, there are a lot of emails, and I am really not ignoring you,  I probably just missed it.  Unless the email was complete garbage, and yes I am ignoring you.

how to decorate a table


Again this is just me, don’t use this as a case study of a typical blogger by any means but I would like to think that other people know what I am talking about,

  • My place is mainly always a mess. I have a limited time to get all blogging/ family stuff done so I prioritise actually cleaning up in the evening. Whatever is in the aspect ratio is what is important no one needs to know about the pile of clothes (clean) that still need to be folded and put away. Beware those bloggers who are like love my room it’s so clean! but they only show you their desk, bitch prove it, show me the rest of that room.
  • My kids come first, so as much as your evening event sounds fabulous, its not that I don’t care, I just  want to spend that time with my kids. I am sure I will love the product, just send it to me and I can review and create something cool.
  • Numbers definitely do not bother me as much as they used to.  I would get so frustrated at the slow social growth but now, I really really don’t care. I am just going to focus on creating something beautiful, even if no one cares.
  • I don’t know what I am doing. I am still learning and there are definitely things that I should be doing but I am stubborn, so will continue to do things my own way.
  • When a PR replies with a thank you so much we love this! I do a little happy dance because it’s nice to be appreciated.

*All pictures are my own from the House of Fraser SS17 press preview