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  • Garance Dore stationery

Social stationery


Combining both my love for illustration and stationery, is the must have stationery collection from Garance Dore & Rifle co paper. The only problem comes from choosing what to buy, amongst the covetable selection of Continue reading

Women In Making

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We have all heard that statistic of x amount of women actually wearing the wrong bra size, and I am very embarrassed to admit that I am one of them.  Having gone for a bra fitting just once in my life, it was overdue. I am obviously not a teenager any more, Continue reading

  • love label ss14

Label Love


New season Love label is in, the Very SS14 press day had lots of great pieces, but of course I honed in on love label, as it tends to be my go-to brand, when shopping on the site. Check out Continue reading

A snapshot of Maramis Turkey


This is just a snapshot of my short cheap and cheerful break with my best friend a few months ago. We booked online through low cost holidays on a Wednesday, and were on a flight to Maramis Turkey the following Monday.  Continue reading

Odd Molly Xmas


It seems fitting to have this as my last Christmas card post before Christmas (I know clever girl, follow me on instagram @Adorngirl to see all my xmas foolishness with the mini-adorn kids). A few weeks ago at the Chiltern street studios Odd Molly teamed up with the Apartment to create a chilled night of winter beauty, and yummy Christmas food, surrounded by plenty of comfy knits.  Continue reading

  • asos curve aw13 dinner

Dinner with Asos Curve

Oh Asos Curve when others simply make an item a bigger size, whether or not its suits the style, you guys actually design a cool range specifically for the woman who appreciates style.  I used to say that all that was needed was for fashion giants like Topshop, h&m and so forth Continue reading

A Lulu Christmas

This morning Lulu Guinness hosted a breakfast to celebrate and unveil the extra special Lulu Browns Hotel Christmas tree.  Continue reading

Cinderella: An Inspirational Fair-Retail


In the full spirit of Christmas Ebay have created a gift guide with a difference, they have only done and created a full scale intereactive pantomime production of Cinderella where the audience can shop directly from the show.  Oh no they haven’t… oh yes they have! The concept is a classic panto that we know and love, the men in drag, with plenty of full audience participation;  whilst the fairy godmother is the narrator guiding us through the beloved fairytale with hilarious musical numbers to boot.

So how exactly does it work? Continue reading

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