It is time to get portable with your speakers, so  how about ones that can fit easily in your oversized clutch? I got the chance to review both the Chicbuds porta party and new Logitech ultimate ears bluetooth mini boom speakers.  At first I thought what was the point of having this kind of speaker?  but I have found great uses from boosting sound from my Surface 2 ( the chicbuds work when attached with a 3.5mm audio cable, the additional USB charges the speaker)  when the mini adorn kids are watching Netflix, or playing music from my Nokia Lumia. A couple of simple clicks the phone connects through Bluetooth, and once paired it will connect automatically every time it is switched on. I can play my favourite songs at full blast.  I even had mini Adorngirl move the speakers to another room, and there was still a connection. I was really amazed at the power bass and volume of both these small devices, I initially thought it would be a little boost, but the sound quality is truly impressive considering their size. The chic buds come in an array of designs, who says you can’t be cute, and powerful?

The “Double Up” feature for the UE boom and Mini boom has been improved, making it easier to connect two booms together, to create an even bigger sound. Now, once you sync two UE/Mini boom together for the first time, they will remember each other and automatically double up the next time both speakers are powered on.  You can get this free update by simply downloading the latest free iOS or Android UE boom app on your mobile phone, or you can visit

The Chicbuds come in at £27.99 at Sainsbury and the UE mini boom is £79