Honestly I am not a fan of coconut water ( I had a couple at fashion week) so when my package from the lovely Taste PR came to my door I was a bit weary.  Damn, damn, why did it have to be something I didn’t like they are never going to work with me again.  I do have a strict policy that you can’t knock something until until you try it so with a screwed up face, I tentatively took a few sips of the new Coco Café latte.  it only tuned out to be delicious didn’t it, in fact I easily downed the first bottle and was eyeing up the second, it is made 100% natural coconut water, organic fair trade coffee and semi skimmed milk.   Coconut water for those that didn’t know are full of benefits such as potassium, necessary for proper hydration  and I have found a new delicious coffee kick start to my mornings. It also comes in vanilla and mocha, and available to buy in Waitrose, and Amazon.