I am obsessed with the idea of a flatlay, there is such an art to being able to curate an entire story with still life. The ominous view itself calls for an entirely different perspective, and presents different photographic challenges that need to be balanced, compared to if a subject is directly in front of you. There are no set rules or restrictions, they can be minimalistic and monochromatic, or pastel colour sugariness, where there is no blank space. Instagram was arguably at the forefront of championing the flatlay, the dedicated Flatlays account has just under 100k followers and is simply an account of regrams of the best flatlay pictures.   One of my absolute favourite instagram accounts is Walids Ibrahim (@Walids) The distinct style captivated me, and I reached out because I was fascinated to know their process and inspiration. Read on to see how to curate the perfect flatlay.

Walids instagram flatlay

Tell us about yourself? Is your job creative? or is  your instagram feed your creative outlet?

I’ve always loved photography. And who doesn’t love food. Coffee is like my kryptonite. I go weak if I don’t have my coffee early in the morning. In late 2014 I got this epiphany to combine all of my interest to one common focus – Instagram. I’m a civil engineer by day. I do think my job is creative too (despite what other people saying that the engineer is too stringent with the guidelines). But Instagram give me a wider channel to express my creativity.  Just to clear the air, all my photos in my Instagram are using my iPhone and not using any DSLR camera.

Walids instagram flatlay

In your words what is a flatlay?

Beautiful object/subject is very subjective. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To me, flatlay is another perspective on looking at an object. Almost like a bird’s eye view. I always start with the product or object I want to emphasize in the photo. It also helps if you can come up with a theme such as the festive holiday or color. And then the chaos starts *grin*

Walids instagram flatlay

What other instagram accounts do you like to follow?

A few of my favorites instagrammers is @lumadeline @grungeee and of course one of my flatlay idol @margaret_zhang

Walids instagram flatlay

What advice would you give to curating a setup? 
1. Natural light! Do find a place that you comfortable with natural light.

2. Choose a background which will enhance the product or object you want to show. Be it a white or dark background.

3. Go minimal with the filters.  I don’t really edit much my photos except using VSCO and I only use one filter with minimal editing.
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