There is lot of noise on social media, on Instagram we want the likes, on Twitter we all want people to click on our link, on Tumblr, we want to be reblogged and Pinterest is all about setting out to inspire and get re-pinned.  As much as Pinterest is picture perfect, the platform is actually about being useful, as essentially these images are visual bookmarks to  sources across the internet.

  A way to step away from the herd is to create pins, just like you do for your blog, of content you actually want to read. Whether that be a recipe, or a restaurant recommendation think about putting in helpful descriptions, ditch the hash tags they don’t work on Pinterest, and be specific.  No more generic terms, rather than pinning and writing ‘cocktail’, give it the proper name provide the ingredients and the method to make, like I did here with the Cointreau Fizz Mango. Feel free to pin, and remember people will want to click through to your original content to see what else they love.

So how do you make the Cointreau Fizz Mango? To make a litre batch  that also can double up as a slushie or lolly just for the grownups, Here is what you need:

1 ltr batch:

150 ml Cointreau

150 ml Fresh lime juice

100 ml Mango

50 ml Coconut syrup

100ml Champagne

450 ml Water or crushed ice

How to make a Cointreau mango fizz coxktail

How to make a Cointreau mango fizz coxktail

Method: In a shaker glass add Cointreau, fresh lime juice, mango, coconut syrup and water (or ice) and shake. Pour out in to long flute cocktail glasses or moulds to freeze and top with champagne.