Have Courage, Be Kind

Cinderella is the highly anticipated in real life version of the Disney classic we know and love.  Lily James was cast as Cinderella, Helena Bonham Carter is the eccentric fairy godmother, and Cate Blanchett breathes life into  the evil stepmother. This was truly a privilege as myself and Mini Adorn girl made our way to Leicester Square to see the preview, not available to watch in cinemas until the end of the month. We were also treated to a special Frozen short (that will play before Cinderella on general release) It is Ana’s birthday and Elsa gets to work making the day extra special and the story unveils hilarious calamities that of course involves snow.

Fashion has embraced the beloved fairy-tale with re-imagined glass slippers from Jimmy Choo to Nicholas Kirkwood, whilst Harrods have just unveiled their Cinderella windows. I had a chance during London Fashion Week to see the captivating glass slippers first hand alongside, Swarovski jewellery, and costume illustrations. The elusive dress Cinderella wears to ball was made up of eight separate skirts,  petticoats, 270 yards of fabric, each a different shade of blue, green and purple, and embellished with over 111,000 Swarovski crystals by Costume Designer Sandy Powell.

Swarovski for Disney Cinderella

The Film review

There aren’t going to be spoiler alerts for the film as it follows the parameters of the Cinderella Disney animation. What will draw you into the film is the amazing sets, vibrant colours, costume and Cinderella herself. There has always been an emphasis on the idea of being ‘saved’ by a Prince, but watching the story unfold, made me fall in love with Cinderella again. There is the human element of love, and loss as the overwhelming message is actually to stay humble, be courageous and kind, start with yourself and good things will happen. Cinderella portrayed by Lily James strikes the right balance between Disney sweet, and genuine upbeat positivity.

Cate Blanchett as the evil stepmother plays it with class, there is nothing pantomime about the villain we have been trained to fear. Watch out for the purposeful mis-en-scene as her character is written in a way that almost (almost) makes you feel sorry for her, but then any pity or understanding is put to the side as she furthers herself, stepping on Cinderella’s dreams. Technically the ‘ugly’ step sisters are quite pretty, but their over coiffed hair, ridiculous dresses and sour attitudes make them ugly.

The film opens in cinema March 27th 2015 but in the meantime watch the trailer