Whether you love or hate them Dr. Martens Docs, are both the zeitgeist of a young generation and a style cult classic. A brand that is still re-inventing itself, but still centres around a signature design that people love. Dr. Martens  is created with traditional shoe making techniques at the unique Cobb’s Lane factory, home of the original Dr. Martens boot. The anatomy and humble beginnings start with a small one week supply pile of tanned leather hides. Through a series of processes the boot is pieced together like a made to wear 3d puzzle, laced, boxed and ready to be broken in. Dr. Martens Spitalfields store on Lamb Street stocks the Made in England range (The process really is fascinating so when you get the chance read more here.

Dr Martens factory tour

See how the Dr. Martens boot comes together in action. This three and a half minute video captures the essence of the Dr. Martens manufacture.

All pictures are courtesy of the fabulous Fashion For Lunch