The Easter season for my family are Easter egg hunts, quality family time, school holidays and fun.  Even though I am a ‘grown up’ I still want the delight of my own chocolate Easter egg, and the extra mini goodies hidden within the hollow shell. When I was growing up me and my sisters would count down the hours until we were finally allowed to cack open our eggs.  Part of the pleasure and the challenge was to part the two halves of the egg, oh so carefully, to keep them intact. You would think that we never had chocolate before, there was so much excitement. It is so funny now that I am older seeing my children have that same kind of anticipation and impatience to get their hands on their Easter eggs.

inside Pretstat marc de champagne truffle easter egg

Pretstat easter egg


Prestat chocolates are one of London’s oldest chocolate shops, known for luxury artisanal  handmade selections. The Prestat red card egg, is a pretty package for delicious red velvet truffles, ideal for those who don’t want to overindulge, but still have a treat. The Marc de Champagne Easter egg is definitely not for the kids. The silky chocolate shell, which is beautifully encased in gold foil, and a ribbon comes apart easily to reveal their delicious powdery Champagne truffles.

“These are classic truffles as first created by the Dufour family made with Marc de Champagne produced from the grapes of Épernay, the capital of champagne. The whipped-cream ganache is piped into a milk chocolate shell that is dusted in fine icing sugar.”

Lindt milk chocolate easter egg


The Swiss Master Chocolatier craftsmen behind Lindt and Lindor just have the magic touch. The classic Lindt Milk Chocolate Gold Bunny is arguably one of the most iconic symbols of Easter. The classic red ribbon with golden bell  charm which sits neatly around the neck makes for an adorable bracelet keepsake.  The large  Lindt milk chocolate egg set comes with delectable set of mini Lindor egg.

cadbury mini eggs


Mini eggs, they taste delicious and beauty bloggers want ther nails to look like them. A thin crisp spreckled shell filled with milk chocolate, they make for perfect additions to an Easter egg hunt.

Purple vase, & white bunny plate stand: MonShowroom// Black Porcelain rabbit : Tiger // Day Birger Et Mikkelsen brass and glass display box : Amara//