When an invite to a Echo Falls girls night out dropped into my inbox it couldn’t have come sooner, the only snag was that the night was to be a complete surprise. Um, what do you even wear to an event when the dress code is girls night out? I took to Twitter and the consensus was comfortable with high heels, so I went with my Asos Curve dress, Very Kimono and New Look ankle booties. The night already was going to be a sure fire win when I saw that the girls were LauraDanielle, Sherin, and. We hopped into our party limo, with flutes, and echo falls a plenty (drink responsibly *wags finger) and we were greeted with our first clue. A quick supermarket sweep pit stop to Warehouse with a £50 voucher. It was much harder than you think, when you only have 30 minutes from car to purchase.

The next stop was guessed by Sherin, a beauty makeover at Benefit (she was right), we were coasted by a busker and what the hey,  not something I would usually stop for, but he was so enthusiastic with his Kazoo, and guitar. I felt bad enjoying the song for free, I mean, life is hard on the streets so put some change in his guitar case. I only clocked later on that our blog names were in his song, and that was part of the Echo Falls experience. Yes, he was a paid actor. On to Benefit where we each beautified in the Carnaby street store, and presented with the next clue that had us all baffled “the favourite haunt of Oscar Wilde.”. We even tried to cheat and use Google, but to no avail, which turned out to be a private gourmet dinner in the Salon at Kettners.

It was such a great night, made even better with great company, wine, and suspense. When I started to edit my pictures I was surprised at how few pictures I took.  I was enjoying myself too much, I wanted to live the experience rather than be a third party documenting it. Thank you again to Echo Falls.