When it comes to this blog as much as I find change scary, it is all part of the process of becoming the best Blogger I can be. In the past five and a half years I have been creating content for this platform I have changed the theme including this upgrade (yay!)  three times.  I know, even as I write that, it seems a bit much, but I  each change was definitely right for me, as I wanted to take risks and evolve. The first time was because it was the basic WordPress theme and I wanted to have bigger images, which didn’t allow for the design
The second change was because it didn’t feel 100% right, and looked too much like what everyone else was doing. Plus, I wanted to have plugins and create something more personal which a WordPress hosted blog doesn’t allow. Before the two-year mark I upgraded, opting for self hosting. and went into research mode looking into premium themes on developer sites because I truly wanted to be more original, and stumbled across an amazing theme ( which is no longer available weirdly enough) that satisfied my need for large images and is the look I have created with for the past few years.
It must sometimes be a curse to have a creative mind because as much as I adored my previous theme, one no one else had it, and it was distinguishable as Adorngirl.  The design still had limits, because I am not a coder, I am still learning on the job, and as I saw new developments and had ideas to add to the look, there wasn’t much more I could do within the style sheet.

flatlay 2 behind the scenes

So here we are on the first day of a new look, and I am so happy with the design, it is light, bright and feeds into putting my photography centre stage and creating more of a story.   The homepage is truly the hub and will feature a one to watch, for the week spanning Designers, and Creatives. I  have held on to my large gallery posts, so make sure to scroll to get the full story, on the mobile version the galleries are marked with a camera icon.  I hope you love it, as much as I do.