When I started this blog it was to showcase interesting people within the industry and emerging design talent. Eiger Gallery is quite an exciting new interdisciplinary collaboration  with Creative Director Terence Woodgate, (Royal Designer for Industry) and Industrial Jewellery designer Alba Bayona at the helm. I had the chance to talk one on one with Alba Bayona about this cross disciplinary design studio challenging Designers to create in a different field.

I have always been creative, and I am part of such a creative family. My father Antonio Bayona is a jewellery maker, my uncle is a Painter, and a lot of my family have been involved in furniture design as that is such an important aspect of design in Valencia.  I remember when I was nine I heard that someone could study and work in industrial design, and when I knew exactly what that meant, it was something that I really wanted to do, as it is a mix of creativity and technical skills. When I was older I learned so much working alongside my father. I studied industrial design I really enjoyed learning about how products are made, how machines works, and as soon as I finished university, I  booked a flight to London, and decided to move here. In my research,  London was up and coming in industrial design, and I first found a job designing speakers. I learned a lot of technical design, project management and hardcore 3D modelling. I started in design because every day was different and I was constantly  learning on different projects. Whilst I was working at the speaker company, it felt like I was doing the same thing every day, so I decided to go freelance.

Working on a project for a client I was at a lighting presentation event, and I met  Terence Woodgate who is now the creative Director of the company. After a year, he had started a company but couldn’t seem to get the manufacturing part right. At this point we came together. My father with his jewellery design expertise could help improve the manufacturing to get the pieces perfect. Terence started  the company because he believed there wasn’t enough cross design across the multi disciplines. Jewellery would be a great meeting point between Architects, fashion, furniture and lighting Designers.  He invited Designers that he loved to collaborate for Eiger.  They are all prestigious in their own respective  fields. When collaborating, the designs need to be viable when it comes to sales but we like to challenge the Designers, as sometimes it is not something thy have done before, so it is a great opportunity.


Eiger gallery

Holly Fulton x Eiger

When I joined the company I wanted to have new designs to act as a re-launch.  I contacted Holly Fulton as I admired her bold design and how much personality they have. It was such a pleasure working with her, I learned so much, especially how people in fashion work. The turnaround is so fast, and we wanted to get the collection on her catwalk show for September SS16. It was challenging at the time, because it was during the months when all our suppliers were closed, but we got it done. I was just amazed at how much work she had managed  for her collection, as well as working with us.


We want our pieces to be timeless, and they do take time. Depending on the piece designs can actually take months and months from developing the concept, the sketch to final project there are a lot of processes. My father is very technical, his expertise of creating high-end jewellery for over forty years allows him to finish all he enameling, polishing and casting, so he knows what will and won’t work. My father has a workshop in Spain so all the jewellery is made there.  At the moment we are stocked in the Design Museum, 2021 and in the past have been in Heals and the Barbican. Even though it is all jewellery, I get to meet so many people from different disciplines, and work in a different way every time. We do what we love, and really hope people appreciate it, and we are happy to grow but organically.

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Tomoko Azumi