Valentines day is right around the corner, maybe because it falls on the first day of London fashion week, is why I am getting excited about it at all. Admittedly I truly am, and it wouldn’t hurt to acknowledge it in some way. Luckily in my musings about what exactly to do, I got an email from the Early learning centre, they were setting a craft challenge to create with the kids something special for Valentines, and they would provide the supplies The collage tool box arrived the next day and me and the mini adorn kids set to work on Saturday morning, to create something for my husband (well who else would be the Valentine?)

Having been together for 13 years I feel like I know what would make him laugh, so was inspired by the castles, and spaceships on the packaging of the paper. Our valentine didn’t need to be flat.  I really wanted to do a crown, as he thinks he is King anyway, and it would be something that he would wear.  Needless to say I was over ruled, they both gave me this look, even when I so eloquently presented my reasonings, it was deemed stupid, and we just moved on.  The older mini adorn kids were in charge, and they decided between them it would be a scene. Their idea developed as we went along, as they were inspired by the coloured lolly sticks, felt letters, beads, gems and pom poms; naming their creation love town.

The craft kit was recommended for 3+, the twins who are 2, would make their way to the table to have a nosey at their older brother and sister curious at what they were doing, grabbing a packet of eyes oranimals, saying “ooooh” and putting it down to go back to their dancefloor ( the sitting room with what feels like Pharrells Happy on repeat)  I didn’t have to micro manage too much as they split the responsibilities between themselves, with me stepping in to lay everything in place before the glue made everything messy and permanent.  Here is how they made it

  • Glue blue paper to card to strengthen and create backdrop for the blue sky
  • Cut different size half circles out of green paper for the grass, and glue in place for a hill effect
  • lolly sticks were used to as stick people, Add a googly eye ( included in kit) to the stick people and draw features like the mouth on nose with a pen
  • extra embellishments like the hearts and star were just for extra decoration
  • We love the trees from the Lorax, so used lolly sticks as the trunk, and glued single poms as the tree top
  • It was as simple as setting the scene and gluing, the giraffe ( included in the kit) was under the tree, and mini adorngirl decided that each person was a couple so drew on top hats, and curly hair to the paper once everything was secured
  • the jewels doubled as flowers in the grass
  • All that was left to name the town these letters ( included in the kit) slightly overlapped to fit the sky, and embellished with googly eyes and a butterfly.

It was fun, and even though there was a lot of mess ( that is how we roll) there are still lots of bits and bobs to use so will try to get craft every weekend. Right now ELC have 20% off everything arts and crafts