We are truly a nation of coffee lovers, surely it must be the most used emoji after the basic smiley face, right? Some need it to start the day, and some even need it at the end of the day.  I need coffee as my work companion when writing blog posts and editing my pictures. When in Central London for meetings finding a great coffee spot is integral, you want great coffee, a good choice of food and desserts, and a comfortable environment. Find yourself in Soho? try Flat white on Berwick amidst the Berwick Street Market. Established in September 2005 to bring the refined artisan style coffee prevalent in Australian and New Zealand cafes to London.

The actual Berwick space is warm and cosy but there is not much seating room, Soho is always bustling and the afternoon I turned up was no different, it was packed, with not even a window seat to spare. I had to wait just over ten minutes outside (no real standing room) for a couple of seats to become free, but it could have been  much longer as quite  a few customers had their laptops and were busy working. The selection of coffee  available was pretty standard. I opted for a selection including a latte and Mocha as well as their namesake flat white, which is served as a strong shot of espresso served in a small cup with textured milk. The coffee was delicious and I enjoyed with a bagel, the only small gripe was the it was toasted which I didn’t ask for, so was a flat mess, compared to the yummy fresh looking selection on the counter.

Overall worthwhile a visit for affordable good coffee, if you can actually get a seat; for summer this factor won’t matter as you can take a seat on the outside benches.

Flat white Berwick street review

This review post was in collaboration with Citizen magazine