I am having a Brazilian party of my own, thanks to the Funkin Brazilian cocktail juice mixer.  There will not be a simpler way to create a delicious tropical cocktail which I demonstrated to my sister, and husband as soon as the courier dropped off a selection of Funkin cocktail mixers (Thank you).  Simply fill a glass with ice, add your dose of rum, or vodka and top with the Brazilian cocktail mixer. Yum.  My sister couldn’t quite believe that there was no alcohol in the juice already, really there isn’t. It is just a blend of mango, passion fruit orange juice, and Guarana. What makes it so special ,is this virgin still has the flavour of a cocktail without the kick of the alcohol, so you can still enjoy on its own, but I like to dilute a bit with water, as it is very sweet, even for me.

Want to make a Funkin Brazilian Passion?

  • 50ml Gin (I had rum so just used that)
  • 50ml Pink grapefruit juice
  • 50ml Brazilian cocktail mixer
  • orange and lime wedge garnish

Fill the glass with ice, and then put in all the ingredients, stir and garnish with the wedges of lime and orange.  You can’t go wrong with this and can’t wait to mix up a Pina Colada, and strawberry moo moo which was included in the kit. Oh yeah its the World cup so if you were going for a theme this would be the place to start, How about a Funkin Passion fruit Calpirinha?