Fyodor Golan SS15

All pictures c/o Kris Atomic

This is an un-conventional throwback Thursday, because SS15 technically isn’t here yet, but London Fashion Week SS15 was a couple of months ago. Don’t you just love the fashion timetable? I could have gone back to their AW13 high glamour showcase, or even their tribal Victoria algamation of SS13, but I wanted to showcase this season. Heaven forbid you even blog about LFW even a week after the shows, because everyone has tuned into the live stream, seen style.com or visited their favourite blogs and seen the looks already. My excuse is that I missed the key shows (impromptu trip to Paris with Courvoisier)  and am in serious need of some colour and glitz. These backstage pictures from Kris Atomic for The LFW Apartment are stunning. Don’t they just transport you back to that LFW bubble where nothing else is important then catwalk silhouettes, Apartment chilling, and getting that perfect backstage shot.

Fyodor Golan clashed 90’s kid club culture with futuristic holographic metallic surfaces they way they only know how. In their own words the collection enraptured playful adolescent aesthetics, pure colour combinations and distinctive 3D textiles at the essence of the FG image.

Fyodor Golan SS15 backstage

What did you think of the show?