All manner of beauty advice can be found online. More and more people are turning to beauty Bloggers and  Vloggers via their Youtube channels and blogs to get a visual demonstration of how to recreate key makeup looks.  We can’t get enough of being able to get the perfect cat flick, or naturally achieve the no makeup, makeup look. Arguably it can be said that it is a sea of amateurs merely expressing their opinions on what they like and what works for them, but in that same breath there are plenty of professional make up artists freely sharing insider tricks and their expert knowledge on those same channels.

Whatever your opinion, for all the beauty advice we seek, there are those that are there to answer them. Beauty books can not be ignored either, many dubbed beauty bibles, they are tools for those who still like to be able to physically turn the pages. Gary Cockerill is one of the UK’s most successful celebrity make-up artists with a repertoire of work spanning stage, screen, editorial, events and advertising.  He has recently immortalised His philosophy of external beauty promotes inner confidence into a skincare and makeup tutorial book Simply Glamorous.

Gary Cockerill Simply Glamourous book reviewGary Cockerill Simply Glamourous book review

I was impressed by this book and I appreciated how Gary Cockerill manages to encapsulate glamorous in the everyday and the overt,  ranging from nude and natural  titled barely there right to full on party high-octane glamour titled Showgirl, and Bombshell. Even the more natural look transforms the model into something more polished that makes you notice their beauty rather than looking at their actual makeup, which is the what I want. Simple instructions and step by step pictures guide you through full tutorials for the face, eyes and lips.  I also appreciated the inclusion of brown beauty within the pages, it was nice to see a spectrum of colour for everyone to experience.

Gary Cockerill Simply Glamourous book review