Another day to uncover another side of Geneva, the second day of our weekend city break was to be a day trip of wine tastings. A whole day dedicated to drinking is far removed from connotations of rowdiness, and  the uncouth when presented in the setting of the Geneva Caves Ouvertes,  open cellars . Is there anything more Parisienne than enjoying the best wines, in the finest vineyards of the Geneva countryside? Over 90 Vintners opened their wineries, five francs will buy you a small wine glass, and acts as an all access pass to have a taste discovery of the new vintages. A sip of a variety of Porte, whites, reds and rose is enough to get a new appreciation of the depths of wine, as all reds are not made equal.

This is an adult affair, so I was surprised to see young children running around, and young babies in pushchairs on our various stops (6 in total) but the way the Geneva community conducted themselves, was so courteous and civil made for a relaxed and happy environment. This an excursion not just for tourists but for the locals, so it is best to start early to get ahead of the crowd. All that was needed was evening tapas under the stars at the quaint converted brick house  Cottage Café, on the Rue Adhemar-Fabri, with great company which ended the day on a high note.