London Fashion week AW16 will very soon be the fashionable epicentre of Covent Garden.  Each season there have been debates around whether bloggers should go, whether it is still actually worth going and the whole peacock shaming thanks to that now infamous article. Who cares? If you want to go, go. but depending on what you want to take away from the event, here are some practical ways about how to get into London fashion week

how to get into london fashion week

Apply for tickets

Let’s start with the obvious, as this is a trade and press event you need to apply directly to the PR for tickets.  I tend to apply 3-4 weeks before the official schedule date, because the appointed person will be inundated with requests, and have to figure out seating plans and exactly who to invite. If you do not get an allocated seat, and get a sorry unfortunately there was limited space, don’t take it personally, everyone will not be able to attend the catwalk or presentation.   More and more designers on schedule are opting out of the BFC show space for their own venues, so there does tend to be less seating.

Previous seasons I have foregone the applying for accreditation to the BFC, because I didn’t have much time as I would like to attend the exhibitions, and it doesn’t actually affect the outcome of the tickets you do receive. Now because of the god awful brewer street car park location, it is worth getting accreditation, otherwise you are just a weirdo standing in a crowd in a car park.

Velma London SS16 presentation


A major part of my past fashion weeks have been collaborations with brands. Sponsors, suppliers, and major brands are integral to keeping the business of fashion week afloat and the ones associated with LFW tend to have their own allocated tickets. A collaboration is great because you get the chance to see an amazing show, and they get press coverage. A couple of awesome seasons I was the official catwalk photographer for Volt Magazine, which is different kettle of fish because with a Photographer pass you are given to around 90% direct access of the on schedule shows ( a few you still have to apply directly to). You do need to be with a print publication, or major photo agency though. There is a fee, and only allows catwalk access and not backstage. The only downside is the jungle that is the Photographer pit, but its fine, just don’t show fear….

how to get into london fashion week

Go Backstage

Long gone are the days of blagging backstage entry to Fashion Scout, now I go backstage to on schedule shows as a guest of the makeup and hair teams.  Hair and beauty teams are so integral to the show, so they also get allocated a limited amount of spaces for guests to shoot on behalf of them.  If you have been granted the backstage seal of approval. make sure you have a named contact, and the suggested call time, there will be a lot of security to pass so a named contact with proof of email correspondence should suffice, if your name is not down for whatever reason, so you can get in and do your job.


How to get into London fashion week? I think interning is probably the most overlooked because it means hard work. Those major designers need dressers, the BFC press office need interns, and so do the exhibition designers. I remember there was this one guy who was straight up like ‘yeah its easy I help a bit and get to see all these cool shows.’ I am sure it is more than just helping a bit but what better way to get immersed in the experience and being right in the thick of it.

Have you even considered interning for other bloggers? They can’t go to everything, but still want to show support so as long as your photography skills and writing is up to scratch it could be worth reaching out. I subbed in for London beauty Queen a few seasons ago at Felder Felder and Swedish school of textiles. Also pull some favours, know someone who knows someone? it works believe me especially when you get an awesome seat as part of family and friends of the Designer.

how to get into london fashion week


London fashion week is actually a hub, so it is not just all about the catwalks and presentations. Last season was the amazing Minnie Mouse exhibition at the Blacks club which was open to the public. Golden Square houses the big screen that streams the shows and there were fun pop ups courtesy of the Sunglass hut, so look out for major brands like Topshop and Burberry for their LFW in store events.

Keep up on the social stream

You really don’t have to be physically there, the British fashion council live stream is way more comprehensive than it used to be and you can be right there watching all the key shows, and with social tools like Snapchat, and Periscope, I am sure this season there will be even more of a push to show something original like direct Designer interviews and exclusive backstage access. So start finding out your favourite designer handles. Get in contact with the PR and request the official catwalk photography, and you can still create a report. You are still ahead of print magazines who will be creating their round ups months down the line.

How to get into london fashion week

All photography is my own, and is from past previous posts covering LFW SS16