#GirlBoss is about the rise of Sophia Amoruso Founder of NastyGal from humble EBay seller beginnings, to CEO of the multimillion business that it is today.  I couldn’t put the book down, and ravaged the pages in just a day.  It was definitely the tone of the story that made for such a compelling read. The account was by a misfit, that cool girl you have always known that is letting you know all her insider secrets.

There is no exact science to creating a successful business and the Author proves that it is better to create your own rules. There are testimonials from numerous girl bosses from Alexi Wasser from imboycrazy, to Christina Ferrucci Buying Director at Nasty Gal revealing their personal journey to their success. Dotted with key stylish illustrated quotes, the book is more than a just a guide, it is an honest account of her life before the business, and how she navigates her current status.

She makes that point that not everyone is supposed to be an Entrepreneur, but everyone can still apply entrepreneurial ethos. I like that the underlying, and sometimes in your face straight talking is to learn from your mistakes, and every task can be creative. This is a woman who recognises her weaknesses and focused on her strengths, and what makes this book so different is that she airs her dirty laundry, laying it down straight about how there is no such thing as an overnight success.

If you take away anything from Girl Boss it needs to be that girls are bosses. absolutely nothing will stand in your way if you are willing to work for it, get stuck in, and trust your instincts.