The Funkin Party Hub is in full effect. Ambassador Goldierocks is heading up the insider track to bringing you a host of inspiration, and tips to help you make your event stand out from the everyday.  I am part of the Funkin Party Hub Panel ( whoop whoop) and these are just four of my party ideas for a perfect girls night in. For more tips from me and more details of my favourite theme, you need to see the Funkin Party Hub for the second half of my blog post!

1. 1920s Speakeasy The  Funkin 100% natural cocktail mixers make perfect cocktails, and whats more they are #FunkinFast leaving you more time to party with your girls. Think retro great Gatsby themed combinations like the Apricot martini, Strawberry Ricky, and Funkin Cosmopolitan. Why not be adventurous?  Make a couple of cocktails from scratch using the full cocktail set.


2. Game night. You can’t beat a good board game, unearth chess, scrabble, snakes and ladders, even dominoes and see the competitive spirit come out.

3. Do it yourself  Spa & beauty night. Whilst gabbing over Pineapple Fizz and Mango Margherita, bring out the Elemis treatments, red carpet manicure gels, and face masks.  Have fun whilst getting beautiful doing it.


4. Slumber Party. Pyjama parties are timeless. Have  your friends show up in pyjamas, watch movies, and serve up Passion fruit Daiquiris.

Check out the  Funkin Party Hub  for more party inspiration. To create any of the cocktails you see here why not get your hands on the Adorn Girl Funkin Party Pack for all your cocktail making needs.