If you have not seen this gif at some point on any of your social media channels, where have you been? This beautiful series of illustrations entitled Time may change me by Helen Green of the late David Bowie has captured the imagination and hearts of fans. The talented Illustrator that specialises in portraiture has lovingly created a library of Bowie tributes.   The depictions of the legend captures in a matter of seconds a lifetime of fearless incarnations. Sadly David Bowie lost his life to cancer, which many families have to also sadly endure, but all these kind of tragedies really hit home the importance of appreciating every precious moment you have with loved ones, and my prayers go out to his family and friends.


“The David Bowie gif took me around a month to complete, plus some time to plan out each look. The gif seems to have resonated with so many people recently, both in light of Bowie’s 69th birthday, and then in response to the sudden news of his death. The fact that the piece is seen as an appropriate and respectful tribute to David at this sad time really warms my heart. My thanks go out to everyone for sharing the tribute and for taking the time to write to me with such kind words.”

Helen Green

Aside from being the glam rock clothes horse, first and foremost David Bowie was an Artist, and just recently released Black Star. To commemorate the life and works of David Bowie that inspired so many artists, across all genres, music licensing company PPL released an official chart of the Most Played David Bowie Tracks of the 21st Century. Compiled using PPL’s exclusive UK airplay data, the chart collate those Bowie tracks which have been played in public and broadcast on TV and radio since the year 2000. This is a great way to reminisce, or discover tracks that span three decades, take your time and visit the videos because it really is an avalanche of memories, and will remind you of newer songs that have sampled from the Bowie archive.

1. Let’s Dance

2. Under Pressure, David Bowie and Queen

3. Starman

4. Ashes to Ashes

5. Rebel Rebel

6. Space Oddity

7. Life on Mars

8. Changes

9. The Jean Genie

10. China Girl

11. Heroes

12. Modern Love

13. Young Americans

14. Golden Years

15. Sound and Vision

16. Fashion

17. Sorrow

18. Dancing in the Street, David Bowie and Mick Jagger

19. Absolute Beginners

20. Ziggy Stardust