When I think of Heston Blumenthal, I think the magician of culinary delights, so I expect nothing less from his long time collaboration with Waitrose and his first foray into a chocolate box. Developed by Heston and Waitrose, and made by third generation Swiss chocolatiers, the 15 chocolates in this box contain  an array of unique and luxurious flavour combinations including Earl Grey Lemon, White Macadamia Praline and Thyme & Rosemary. Getting the chance to talk to one of the collaborative developers and tasters of the range ( best job in the world) I got a better insight into the finer details that make the chocolate box so special. In fact it took months to create the right balances, and this attention to detail will be the attribute to how this box will be able to rival the beloved brands already familiar on the market.

The  Muscovado Caramel  with a dark caramelised flavour was made with brown sugar which made for a richer and smother taste. The Black Forest Gateau arguably the nations  favourite retro pudding cleverly is encapsulated in one chocolatey mouthful.  The Thyme & Rosemary was something I thought I wouldn’t like but was pleasant, the flavours very subtle. The White Macadamia Praline,  are creamy squares with touches of nutty praline; my favourite I could easily have a whole box of just those, bloody delicious. Expect the Mandarin Caramel to be fruity with a hit of citrus. Earl Grey and Lemon,  a much-loved flavour combination that has become a flavour signature prevalent in the Heston for Waitrose dessert range.

Definitely try for yourself as the Heston from Waitrose Chocolate Box is £13.50 but will currently  on offer until the 24th December to £10. In each box there are two of each flavour chocolate, with three of the Mandarin Caramel.