Hi December

Hi December, it feels like yesterday that I saw you last, it really has been too long, but it is always a pleasure. How have you been? Seeing you again makes me think of winters past, and the countdown to the big day. Whether the month means a piece of chocolate everyday or a beauty treat to reveal behind a cardboard door,  being your acquaintance means that every day is just that little bit better than the last. Lets gloss over the anti-climax that happens after the 25th, that is certainly not your fault. You are my joint favourite with July because lets face it, that is my birthday, the middle of summer, and I knew her before you.

Let’s not leave it so long though, we always have so much laughs, and there are lots that  I  have to tell you. I have been featured in Slink magazine in the December print issue, and I have been putting together gift guides of my own. The kids are well, wait until you see how I drone on about them in a love to the stars campaign. Seriously though I don’t remember unfollowing you on twitter, they must have done that when I put settings to stop too much natter about Christmas. Sorry, but you know I follow you on Instagram, and like all of your pictures.  It’s all about Instagram anyway. O.k. so I don’t wan to hold you up, I have lots of things to get on with too. Have a happy Christmas, and a happy new year.

Christmas flatlay

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