As you are reading this all the presents have definitely been opened, and all four  Mini Adorn kids will be playing with their spoils. This will be the one time of the year where the kids won’t have to ask for treats, and the obligatory tins, and chocolate selections will be on the table to take as they please. I am currently separated after a 15 year relationship, and going through a divorce.  This is my first  Christmas as a single mum, and I am celebrating with the kids on Christmas Eve, so they essentially get two Christmases ( lucky sods).

Disney st pancras christmas tree

It is all about being positive, and making the best out of every situation and as long as my kids are happy, that is more than enough for me. I alluded to change, and it is funny how time heals so many things, as I am in a completely better place, compared to when I was typing up that post on my HP. I have been counting down the days until Christmas because it means projects, and gift guides have been completed, and it means guilt free Christmas film marathons and relishing my down time. It really has  been a busy and challenging few months.  It feels nice to say confidently, I am happy and content.