I try my best to capture a scene with the right settings on my Canon, as I want to use the minimal amount of editing in Photoshop Elements, to save time. Sometimes the environment works against you and although the Giles show was beautiful, the lighting was very low, and fluorescent, resulting in the yellow orange tinge.  I did have my 50mm f1.8 lens but it doesn’t allow for a wide angle shot, so I settled with my Sigma 17-70mm f2.8. Even shooting using a Tungsten white balance, the lens and camera are not magic so I was still left with this very orange glow. Check out the original below, so you can see what I had to work with.  The final edited version, which does show noise but at least looks more natural. So need help  fixing the curse of the orange glow?

Thankfully little lighting tweaks are quite simple, my go to for fixing temperature and photo colourings is the Photo filter option, found under adjustments in the layers section. To balance the orangey effect the cooling filter adds a blue making the picture ‘cold’ and in this instance adding a more natural look to the picture. This of course works the other way around when you need to add warmth to the picture. You can even pick the particular colour you want to create the desired tonal effect.

Adjusting the hue and trying to remove the yellow may not work as can make the picture look grey and ashy. Once I applied the cooling effect, adjusting the density levels until I was happy, I applied the necessary adjustment lighting levels, and voila!

how to use photo filter in photoshop elements

how to use photo filter in photoshop elements 2

how to fix a photo that is too dark