Honestly this is not the post that was intended for my collaboration with HP and their bend the rules campaign. After weeks of me drumming up ideas around the brief of an epic adventure, HP simply asked what do you love? What do you not get to do? this is your opportunity to do something epic. My idea to bring Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette to life was approved, and I booked an amazing behind the scenes tour with Get your guide, a V.I.P  four hour tour exploring the hidden secret rooms and private quarters of Antoinette and Louis IV of Versailles.

A dream job for me is to be a behind the scenes Photographer on a film set. I studied film at A levels and it has made me appreciate every frame in a scene,  I tend to see each cut as an individual picture. Marie Antoinette  has such stunning cinematography, and I really couldn’t have been more excited to get to experience it first-hand.  I set off early Saturday morning on the Eurostar with the HP Pavilion x2 in tow, and a Paris Metro tube map.

My Eurostar train was held up just before the euro tunnel  for two hours, and I almost thought that we weren’t even going to Paris that day, but final inspections were made and we set off, so instead of arriving at 11.17, we actually arrived at 1.35 so essentially thirty-five minutes after the approved meeting time, so the tour had left without me and the delay had scuppered my plans for the day.

HP Pavillion x 2


Paris fashion week SS16 Outside Elie Saab street style

I must have someone on my side, because my trip coincided with Paris fashion week. It is part of my Photographer bucket list to attend the shows and shoot street style. I downloaded the Paris fashion week schedule and saw the address for Elie Saab was at the Jardin Tuilleries, so armed with my Metro card I tentatively navigated the paris Underground. So the irony of the post shows that I had to bend the rules a lot to make the best of a very bad start to the day. Instead of exploring secret rooms I actually got to see a snap shot of Paris, I have been before, but never on my own during the day and take in the sights

The atmosphere shooting in Paris was another level I have experienced to London, there is much more bustle, set within a stunning location, the only problem came from whittling down exactly which picture to post. I wrote this post on the Eurostar home, split screen on the desktop mode and the other open screen watching Marie Antoinette offline as I had downloaded earlier to my Pavilion.

Paris fashion week SS16 Outside Elie Saab street style Kristina Bazan

The HP Pavilion x 2


When it comes to tech for me it is all about style and substance, and the sleek red HP Pavilion x 2 tablet laptop hybrid delivers both. What makes the tablet unique is not just the fact that it comes apart from the keyboard, but the four versatile modes, and the one irresistible price.

  • Laptop mode– the standard way to work as a laptop, blogging, writing documents, and replying to emails.
  • Tent mode– perfect for playing games.
  • Tablet mode to go– If you are more confident with the touchscreen, the keyboard can be attached to lay flat behind the tablet.
  • Stand mode– great for watching movies, I felt like I had my own private screening on my Eurostar journey, especially my Bluetooth Jam headphones.

At the end of the month I will be going back to Paris, part of the Eurostar compensation was a free return journey, so fingers crossed all goes well, and I get to live my original epic day, although I wouldn’t have traded my epic experience at Paris fashion week for anything.

*In collaboration with HP