Just when I thought that even the PR themselves were getting bored with their own products, along comes i-D and Diesel, presenting ‘A-Z of Dance’, a dynamic new video Directed by Jacob Sutton. The fliest showcase video I have seen in a long time, highlights 26 of the world’s favourite dance styles from vogueing and twerking to rumba and bhangra, revealing the movement potential of Diesel’s Jogg hybrid denim jersey jeans. The Diesel Jogg jeans allow the look of denim on the outside, but the stretch and comfort of jogging bottoms on the inside; accomodating the elegance and power of Arabesquee, to the raw animalistic, krumping.

Now for the fun part! You can be part of the movement. Diesel and i-D are now inviting fans across the globe to dance their way into a one-of-a-kind follow-up film, by submitting their footage across social channels using the hashtags #joggjeans and #iDdance, or by joining the London casting call at Diesel’s Covent Garden Store on 10th April 2014, 2-4pm with stars from the video including Nicole “The Pole” Williams.

This is a one of a kind event, so will you be hitting up the Diesel Covent Garden Store? Watch the video to get inspired I actually love the freeness of Q which looks scarily like dad dancing to me, but you will see…

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