Apparently more than half of us have missed seeing something because we’ve been too busy trying to take the perfect picture of it, and then no one looks back at their pictures anyway.  Less than a third of people ever actually look at their gallery once they’ve taken the pictures. The average person can check their phones up to as much as 150 times a day. I am definitety guilty of  being detached from experiences. First world plights of being a full-time blogger means not touching food until you can instagram, heck even only ordering pretty food as it will make for a better picture.

The Innocent challenge

Innocent drinks challenged me to take a 48 hour detox and I struggled, over the weekend with it. I struggled, but I did it, and it was way harder than I thought it would be. The weekend is about quality family time but that usually involves being snuggled on the sofa with a film, whilst I text, tweet and instagram, so the phone went on hibernation. Luckily for me there was the Elle magazine live shoot so armed with my Fuji Instax mini included in my detox kit, I set off to East London. It felt freeing not to worry about what the hashtag was and if there was an internet signal. About an hour in, I started to get itchy social media brain, I mean how would my followers know what fabulous place I was at, and what I was doing? I caved. The mobile data went on and I took one picture to share on instagram. The dirty, but delicious shame.  That picture would have been displayed on the Piccadilly Circus big screen.


Honestly aside from that one time (and the one scroll through instagram) I did well. Life didn’t end, no one didn’t un-follow me just because I didn’t ramble on strategically in 140 characters sporadically throughout the day. It felt nice not to have to be constantly checking my inbox. There is so much to do when you take your phone out of the occasion

  • writing a letter or two
  • getting lost and discovering something new
  • creating photo collages
  • reading books
  • playing board games
  • catch up with friends face to face
  • making a mix tape

Innocent reckons life’s a bit too connected these days, so for one weekend only, they’re going back to their festival roots and hosting an off-the-grid weekend with a difference.  There’s no wifi, 3G or traditional electricity, just brilliant bands, inspiring speakers and delicious food.  on 23rd and 24th May.


Do you need a digital detox?