Vente Privee

Vente-Privée is arguably the top sales site that you probably haven’t heard of. Let’s talk numbers, they stock 2,600 brands from luxury to high street, and have made well over £1 billion in sales, and have 3.5 million unique visitors a day.  This online sales experience covers all sectors of fashion, lifestyle and home décor, with even more exclusives from travel to music. The headquarters in Paris is truly an epicentre, housing Founder Jacques-Antoine Granjon personal collection of modern art, from Rankin to David LaChapelle.

I was honoured to get the full tour in Paris, getting to see the studios, and have a glimpse into their product photography methods. The space was a Narnia of clothes, and samples. All imagery, graphics and video present on their online platform are created in house by the talented and growing Design team, who are trained up across all disciplines from illustration to graphic design. Another original element was their music studios. they record music with renowned and upcoming  artists selling the albums exclusively. The offers on Vente-Privee are reserved exclusively for members in order to access the current sales. Registration to the website is completely free and without any obligations, sales are between 50-70% running for up to a week.

inside the Paris Vente Privee Headquarters






*All pictures taken by me pics 2,3 & 4 (top gallery) taken with Huawei G7 the rest with Canon 650d.