Isko Denim x Bethnals

Kickstarter is a great place to unearth quality brands, as well as get the start up capital for a good business such as Bethnals. Bethnals are a London-based unisex denim brand established in 2013 by creative product developer, Melissa Clement. This season they collaborated with fabric supplier ISKO denim setting up a pop up atelier within The Apartment, complete with customising station. All week influential bloggers were encouraged to get a little creative with the Bethnal styles from the Pete skinny to Joey slim straight. Lengths were adjusted, buttons were picked, and thread selected for that individual touch.
I admit I haven’t worn jeans in a while, they tend to be too constricting, but after just one fitting of the skinny jean I was so impressed. It was so comfortable, and the skinny fit actually made me look more streamlined. My personalised pair arrived at my door just last week complete with oh so careful rips and purple sewn AJ initials on the pocket. You may very well see a rare outfit post on Adorngirl with me in the jeans, because they are so lovely, thank you again to the Apartment.