I see London, I see France. Ka Kui Cheng presented a collection that explored the idea of stereotype. He explained on the LCF blog  “My concept explores cultural ignorance among tourists. It asks does our understanding of different cultures grow alongside the increased amount of travelling around the globe? Does it necessarily broaden and deepen our knowledge of the places we visit? To what extent do people really know their destinations and cultures? Tourists may buy souvenirs and take photographs but how much do they learn about other countries and their cultures by seeing only the surface? Does this exaggerate the clichéd aspects of each country? I interpreted these clichés as graphics on my garments. This presents a cynical way of questioning how much one knows about the destination by simply wearing something iconic from that place.”

The irony lies in the fact that be had to exploit those same stereotypes to full effect in his intricate knitwear, whether that was the upside down Eiffel tower or comical cartoonish Queen, it was a memorable.

ka Kui Cheng LCF MA 15 catwalk show