Kasun London was a striking selection within the bespoke jewellery boutique Thor & Wistle . The latest collection God loves Fangs is a dark, but hauntingly beautiful collection that has bite. 

“God Loves Fangs takes inspiration from the notion that Vampires and other supernatural creatures have been living among us (unbeknownst to the majority of humans) and the mythological ideas that surround these tales. The jewellery features elements of the Vampires themselves and the tricks and tools used to vanquish them as told in myth and legend.”

The design team behind Kasun put the fine detail into their design, at first glance an interesting textured  pendant, on closer inspection reveals itself to be a knife piercing a heart. From the rest of the collection expect a geometric Vampire Skull in 18 carat gold vermeil with black onyx eyes, fanged teeth and hinged jaw.   Alongside the impressive Black Vampire bite ring in sterling silver featuring sharp fangs locked around intricately cut synthetic onyx.

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