A fashion party is definitely better than a regular party as you are bound to have a fun mix of characters who are inevitably better dressed. The new opening of the Kate Spade NY store on Regent street was a good excuse as any to get together with Fashion for Lunch ( who was dressed for the event by Kate Spade and looked gorgeous) and the odd celebrity to revel in the new opulent space. Every inch of the store was truly stunning and I honestly wish I could just live there. From the polka dot glassware to the roses bucket bag, there was so much to covet. You can be a part of the Kate Spade sweet suite event too. From 2pm until 8pm, today make sure to visit the Regent street store!

Jourdan Dunn at kate spade

Jourdan Dunn

When I go about photographing an event I prefer to capture details and the off the cusp moments; not the perfectly posed shot, but that one when people forget to be ‘on,’ and the Canon shutter is just quick enough to catch it. These are the things I tend remember most.  Here are just a few  stolen moments from the Kate Spade sweet suite party

Kate Spade regent street sweet suite party

daisy lowe at kate spade

Daisy Lowe

Kate Spade regent street store

kate spade regent street store

Kate Spade regent street sweet suite party


Kate Spade regent street sweet suite party